Tony Ryan, as producer, guided the project to do as much preparation as possible before recording.  It was great advice and a lot of fun!  We did several rehearsals in Bob Sullivan’s garage, who is a big angler.  It gave everyone a chance to get comfortable with the songs.  We wanted to focus on the rhythm section consisting of Tyler on drums, Latif on bass and Bob on percussion.  It also gave Marc time to think about keyboard parts and gave the horns time to practice the arrangements that Michael had composed.  Richard, our chief engineer, dropped by to get a feel for the instrumentation and what he would need to capture the energy and soul of our music in a recording.

I’ll be posting more descriptions of the journey from rehearsal to album here.  If you want to hear one of the songs and pre-order the album, head over to  It will be released on April 11.  Feel free to sign up for the email list on my home page.  I will use this list to announce performances and future releases of recordings.  Thanks and stay healthy!


Tony, Tyler, Marc
Tony, Tyler, and Marc having fun rehearsing for the big recording session
Bob, Jim, Tim, Paul, Don and Michael
Bob, Jim, Tim, Paul, Don and Michael at rehearsal
Richard and Latif
Richard and Latif at rehearsal


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