Poisoned Apples wins a Pegasus!

So happy to have my song “Poisoned Apples” recognized in the science song category in the 2023 Pegasus awards. I share that honor with Tim Griffin who tied with me for his awesome song “Shoulders of Giants”. Here is the web page for Poisoned Apples on the Pegasus website (and my own personal page). The Pegasus Awards have recognized so many amazing songwriters in the filk community over the years. It is an honor to be counted in their number. I am overjoyed! Poisoned Apples wins a Pegasus! Check out two versions on my bandcamp page, one from my album Moon in the Branches and the other from Live in Germany.

The filk community nominated Poisoned Apples for a Pegasus Award in 2022, in the category of best filk song. I assumed that if I didn’t win, that would be that. I was very honored to be nominated in the first place, but I thought that was my best chance to win a Pegasus. So when it was nominated again this year, I was convinced that I wouldn’t win. When I was notified, I was truly stunned. I kept saying to my self: Poisoned Apples wins a Pegasus!

I am so grateful as this came at a time when I was feeling kind of low and a bit confused about my musical journey. The muses are telling me that I must keep on the music path! Since then I have begun more collaborations with local musicians and I’m hoping to release another album on bandcamp within the year and maybe start playing out, hopefully on a regular basis.

This was one of the most rapid songs I’ve ever written. You can read about how I wrote it in this post. Usually songs take me quite a while to write. Somehow, the topic and the events leading to this song converged quickly for me. I hope it happens again someday!


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