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Live in Germany album available now!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Steve Macdonald, the concert album from my Guest of Honor tenure at Intermezzo in 2019 is now available!

From the album notes:

Recorded live at Intermezzo in 2019. I must thank Sabine Kinder and C. J. Ueberall who’s kind invitation provided a peak musical experience for me. This was my first GoH appearance and my first German con and in all my musical travels, I have never been so warmly received. The connection and love I felt with everyone there sustained me and reminded me why music is such a powerful force for good in our world. I must also thank the entire Kinder family who welcomed me into their home and showed me such a good time that I didn’t want to leave!

This project would not have happened at all without the efforts of Steve Macdonald. I owe him a large debt of thanks for recording my concerts and for whipping them into shape (smoothing over some of my worst mistakes!) so we can present them here. I also want to thank Kirstin Tanger for the wonderful cover photo and design and also Andrea Weil for providing photos on my website of my Intermezzo time. I also want to thank Tom Jeffers who joined me on stage for a few tunes and for sharing this wonderful experience with me. Anytime I’m on stage with Tom, I know it will be fun and awesome!

I feel lucky that I had the wonderful memories of Intermezzo to sustain me through the pandemic. I hope that I can return to Germany someday soon and listen and play again with this wonderful community! Thanks to all the German filkers and listeners who impressed me with their kindness and their musical abilities!

These songs are a collection of my original songs written in collaboration with my songwriting partner Tony Ryan. 


released August 15, 2022

All songs are original by Don Neill / Tony Ryan. Tom Jeffers joined me on stage for a few numbers.
Live Sound and Recording: Rika Körte, Steve Macdonald
Mixing and Mastering by Steve Macdonald at Triskelion Productions
Produced by Steve Macdonald and Don Neill


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