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This project started in July of 2018, so it’s been a long time to fruition, but the release of Moon in the Branches is arriving soon. I’ve been working hard to get my website up and running and was planning on having a release party at Filk Ontario on the 24th of April in concert with Leslie Hudson, who was releasing her album there as well. The coronavirus put an end to our plans. Leslie has released her album “Keep Left at the Fork” on bandcamp, and it’s a fantastic collection of songs inspired by her life on the road and the lessons learned when you pursue your dreams. I was truly looking forward to performing some of these songs with her at FKO along with some of my songs. It would have been awesome! Since I won’t be releasing at FKO, I decided to release on my birthday instead! You can pre-order Moon in the Branches on bandcamp at donneill.bandcamp.com and when released will be available on cdbaby.com as well. I’m really hoping to support this release with some performances around Los Angeles and further afield, but when that will happen is anybody’s guess right now. I hope these songs will give you some relief from your troubles during these strange days. Enjoy and stay healthy!



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