To celebrate my birthday, and the release of my EP, Moon in the Branches, I did a Facebook livestream on Saturday, April 11, at 2pm PDT. I played through the songs on the EP and an additional song called Life, that I dedicated to the memory of John Prine who we lost due to the covid-19 pandemic. When it was all over, I pulled the plug and released the album on bandcamp. It has garnered over 200 views and many, many supportive comments.

I am grateful for the community of fans who supported this event, in particular my filk families in Germany and Canada! I’m sending a big shoutout to my producer and songwriting partner Tony Ryan and all the engineers and musicians who helped me realize the album (go to to see the list of talented folks I was privileged to record with). I also want to thank my own family for their support: Charity, Leo, and Gatsby!

The feedback I received was so positive, that I will definitely be doing this again. Stay tuned and look for an announcement in the coming weeks!

Love to all,



astro-nerd songwriter

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